vrijdag 17 september 2010

Zo, de ik haat m'n dikke borsten dag positief zien met een artikeltje ...


"Dita Von Teese"




"Dita Von Teese" (born "Heather Renée Sweet" on September 28, 1972) is a popular American burlesque artist, model and actress.
She is one of the instigators of the burlesque revival and has been a considerable factor in bringing burlesque to mainstream attention.

Early life

Dita Von Teese was born in Rochester, Michigan. Her mother was a manicurist and her father was a machinist. Von Teese is well known for her fascination with 1940s cinema and classic retro style. This began at a young age and was fostered by her mother, who would buy clothes for Dita to dress up in. Her mother was a fan of old, Golden-era Hollywood films, and it was from her that Dita developed a fascination with the actresses of that day, especially Betty Grable, an actress that she frequently cites as her favorite.

bron: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/Dita-Von-Teese/biography/

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